Morbid Anatomy Museum

424A 3rd Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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  • Andi Harriman Breaks Down Eighties Goth for Morbid Anatomy Museum
    8 months ago by Dianca Potts

    Brooklyn-based writer and DJ Andi Harriman’s lifelong love for all things goth began with two things: Depeche Mode and a used CD store. “I grew up in rural Virginia in the middle of nowhere, so I would go to the used CD stores a lot...

    9 months ago by Heather Baysa

    Like Robert Smith's hair, the history of the goth aesthetic is wild, tangled, and probably dyed black. So how did we children of the night go from quiet, monochromatic, and — admit it — kind of chic vamps (here's looking...

  • Vendors at Brooklyn's Morbid Flea Market Embrace the Weird
    11 months ago by Natalie Fertig

    The Morbid Anatomy Spring Flea Market at the Morbid Anatomy Museum (424-A Third Avenue) in Brooklyn was born from French expat Laetitia Barbier's memories of hitting up flea markets on Sundays in Paris, which were full of all sorts ...


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