Neena Sari Palace

37-23 74th St.
Flushing, NY 11372
Dearest Hindi filmi follower, why hasn't Govinda learned his lesson? Does Twinkle Khanna want to make dhosas with Sunny Deol? Will Raju Chacha be crybaby lipstick rani Kajol's comeback film? Even if responses aren't at the ready, holiday gifts for your Bollywood-following friends are. Go to Neena Sari Palace, which is less fancy than the exalted ISP (who calls it India Sari Palace?) but thriftier. There are glittery bangles, flowing kurta pajamas, vampy lengha cholisathink ballroom skirts with ornate, skimpy halters, and, of course, luscious, lustrous silk or cotton saris that can cost as little as 15 bucks. VoilA exotica!


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