Orange Apicerie

61 Hester St.
New York, NY 10002
Orange is the little market next to Brown. In the back of Orange is Green. Brown is a cafA(c) and Green is a catering company, and all are from Alejandro Alcocer, a chef/surfer with a taste for biodynamic foods in a truly laid-back neighborhood setting. At the market, there is a communal table where you can eat a generous prix-fixed meal ($15 for breakfast, $20 for lunch and brunch, and either $35 or $45 for dinner.) But you can also shop for your own kitchen. Alcocer focuses on Italian and Spanish imports and carries many Spanish cheeses in particular that cannot be found elsewhere in the city. The cured meat list is more familiar (prosciutto, serrano, porchetta, mortadella, etc.) but the care in purchasing could make many people realize what theyave been missing. There is also a great selection of bread and produce that varies in quality.


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