Shecky's Shop

489 Broome St.
New York, NY 10013
The idea of nightlife-guidebook company Sheckyas opening a store sounds so bizarreacomparable to Zagat launching its own restaurant or IMDB rolling out a multiplex. To extend the logic, why not Sheckyas the Bar? But it is Shecky's Shop we have here, cccupying a gorgeous hardwood-floored loft on Broome Street. The look here is much more designers' collective than single boutique, with the loft separated into partitions for each designer's garments, and a sign above each booth stating the designer's name and a description of the line. There are beautiful pieces here: Charmaine Louises' capelets and kimonos hand-crocheted from Mongolian cashmere, Chynawhite & Dannyboy's colorful Italian lambskin blazers with puffed sleeves. But for the most part, Shecky's Shop appears to have opened before it had much real merchandise to sell. There is a whole stall just selling daffy tank tops and tees printed with the tagline, "Love this Life," and nearby, a cropped black hoodie with a garish gold alligator appliquA(c) by designer Jamie Kreitman goes for $136. You could fare better at a craft bazaar.


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