Snitch - Closed

59 W. 21st St.
New York, NY 10010
With Billboard-magazine-pedigreed owners (including Duff McKagen and Scott Weiland of Velvet Revolver and Fuel's Brett Scallion), an '80s rock soundtrack, and a beer menu that boasts only two choices (Bud and Bud Light, $5 each), Chelsea's Snitch is true to its billing as a "rock and roll sports bar." The bar even keeps extended hours on weekends, practically staying open all night so the after-hours partyers can enjoy a 7 a.m. breakfast in one of the expansive, burgundy vinyl booths. The decor is deceptively simple, featuring dark wood tables, 12 plasma-screen TVs, exposed beam ceilings, and gothic velvet curtains, and rates somewhere between a rec room from Cribs and a rock and roll Bennigan's. The tiny, circular stage in the middle of the room is outfitted with instruments, always ready for a possible impromptu set, like the ones Velvet Revolver and the Killers recently played there. Snitch's secretive name obviously refers to these big, hush-hush performances, as well as the bar's semi-hidden second-story location, but for fans of bottled beer, loud music, and some unpretentious hell-raising, Snitch shouldn't stay a secret for long.


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