The Maille Boutique in New York

185 Columbus Ave
New York, New York 10023


  • 2-5pm
July is around the corner and Bastille Day will be here before we know it. This year, celebrate your inner gourmet with a complimentary cooking lesson and tasting of French classics, like Tarte à la Tomate. On Saturday, July 11, from 2pm and 5pm, come meet two glamorous experts with a French touch: French cookbook author Cécile Delarue, who will share tips for creating easy yet delicious recipes, accompanied by Maille Mustard Sommelier Pierette Huttner, who will reveal all the facets of a French essential: Dijon mustard. What: Complimentary French Cooking Lesson and Tasting Who: Cécile Delarue, author of The Everything Easy French Cookbook and blogger behind French and Parfait, and Pierette Huttner, Maille Mustard Sommelier. Where and When: The Maille Boutique in New York, 185 Columbus Avenue at 68th St. on Saturday, July 11 from 2 pm to 5 pm. Demos start every half hour.


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