The Woods

48 S. 4th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211


  • Daily 4pm-4am
  • Patio/Sidewalk Dining
The stunning view of the Williamsburg Bridge en route to The Woods confirms you are, without a doubt, in Williamsburg. A taxidermied fox (named Lenin) hovers above the entrance; Robyn ignites the small but tiered dancefloor; there is backyard seating and a $6 Tecate + tequila deal. The erstwhile taco truck is now a full-kitchened Landhaus. Above the bar you’ll notice a ventriloquist’s puppet, a home exercise machine, a portrait of a clown, and a pufferfish hanging on a string. The red Victorian lamps are charming in the family-friendly afternoon and seductive on packed nights. When asked why the bar is named The Woods, the bartender looks up from slicing limes to say, “It’s where people go to have fun.”


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