Tin Lizzie - Closed

1647 2nd Ave.
New York, NY 10028


  • Sun 2pm-12am, Mon-Wed 2pm-1am, Thu-Sat 2pm-4am
You know Tin Lizzie if A) You have a diploma, B) You live on the UES, C) You still want to feel like you're in college, and (optional) D) You want, but aren't sure how to get, a little booty for the night. I'd venture to say that D isn't gonna get accomplished after one trip, especially if your degree is post-graduate and you get disgusted at the dancing and Top-40 singing that erupts occasionally after midnight. Another tip for the diploma-wielding: "Tin Lizzie" was a nickname for Ford's Model T, introduced in October of 1908. "Lizzie" was a nickname for a dependable servant. Another reason not to go.


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