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American Choice Deli - Closed

111 Delancey New York, NY 10002 | Lower East Side | 212-475-5222

Location Description:

Despite the guaranteed payoff bookending the days of urban itinerants contained in each package, Little Debbie, Linden, and their friends are hardly as ubiquitous as the gaudy, teasing lottery cards that enjoy unfair billing on store awnings citywide. A proper venue for buying 25-cent treats should be conveniently located, open 24 hours, have clear aisles and a wide array of Little DebbieA brand items, and an agreeable staff who refrain from disdainfully glaring at the meanness of the quarter-dollar purchase. By these criteria, American Choice Deli lives up to its name, offering a thorough selection of shortening treats, including de rigueur standbys like Nutty Bars and Donut Sticks, not just amateurs-only Swiss Rolls.