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223 E. 10th St. New York, NY 10003 | East Village | 212-253-5484

Location Description:

At Azaleas, nuptial bliss is confined to a pair of white panties that say "kiss the bride." More subtle but likewise ready for action is the plethora of thongs, all guaranteed to be comfortable, at least according to the shop's owners. (They're $13 to $15 each, which seems steep to us, but then again, what do we know? We still buy our undies in the three-pack at Kmart.) Still, delectable panties notwithstanding, there are other things here that remind you of why it's worthwhile to ferret out small shops. A pair of chunky yet gossamer hand-crocheted stockings, with an explosion of 3-D blue roses decorating each leg, elicits an excitement far beyond what one can muster for mere bloomers. "Someone just tried those stockings on!" the proprietress enthuses. "She looked awesome."