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B & H Dairy Restaurant

127 Second Ave. New York, NY 10003 | East Village | 212-505-8065

Location Description:

It’s a triumph if a restaurant makes it to its fifth birthday in this city, but such spots have nothing on B & H, an Eastern European diner that has persisted at this address for more than seven decades — and can point to regulars who’ve come in almost daily for 54 years. The restaurant originated as a vegetarian lunch counter, turning out meat-free knishes and blintzes, grilled cheese sandwiches, homemade challah, fresh squeezed juices, and egg creams. While ownership has shifted over the years, little else has changed. B & H once boasted a celebrity following that huddled among friends and neighbors at the counter and in its narrow space. It remains a beating heart of the East Village, a window into the area’s disappearing past, one of the few joints of its kind left in the city.

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  • Cuisine(s): Kosher
  • Hours: Sun 7am-11pm, Mon-Fri 7am-12am
  • Price: $
  • Serving: Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
  • Alcohol: None
  • Reservations: Accepted, Not Accepted
  • Parking: Street
  • Payment Types: All Major Credit Cards
  • Features: Kosher

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