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219 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211 | Brooklyn | 718-599-3457

Location Description:

If you're one of those lucky New York boys who's hooked up with some sexy rocker chick with big, dangly earrings and a swivel in her hips, show her you really care by shopping at Williamsburg's Catbird. It's almost impossible to go wrong here: There's a selection of tote bags ($20 to $50) for her knitting and tattered copy of The Female Eunuch. Even hardass chicks dig jewelry, and you can score points by pretending the faux-vintage brooches ($9 to $39) were some flea market find. If you're not quite up to the surprise-her level, Catbird has an ingenius system where girls can leave a wish list at the counter for boyfriends to consult-you don't have to get married to register.