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Foley + Corinna Men

143 Ludlow St. New York, NY 10002 | Lower East Side | 212-529-5043

Location Description:

The whole conceit that made their women's store so successful (new collections by Dana Foley, a healthy assortment of vintage goods assembled by Anna Corinna) is employed here, only for the boys. I don't think it's as great a shopping experience for men as the original is for women; Dana Foley's men's shirts are nice enough, but lack the ingenuity that makes her such a hit with the ladies. Also, it's just personal bias, but whereas women's vintage clothes seem really glamorous to me, when I see a bunch of vintage menswear all I can think of is the dearly departed granddad who once stepped out so proudly in these loafers and raincoats, and that gives me the creeps.