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Gold Palace

3765 74th St. Brooklyn, NY 11201 | Brooklyn | 718-651-2000

Location Description:

The salesman at Gold Palace, a jewelry store in the Fulton Street Mall strip, pulls out a velvet tray of removable gold teeth, some diamond-studded, others platinum-tinted, and one of them plated with the name "Tony." "You know Erykah Badu?" he asks, "I put a dental mold in her mouth and made her gold-and-white caps. They were beautiful." For $80, you gift yourself with iced-out, name-plated gold fronts molded to fit your very own molars. Gold Palace also sells 10- to 15-karat nameplated necklace pendants, chain bracelets, even rings with your loved one's name spanned across three fingers. If nameplate jewelry doesn't have enough holiday bling, you can also purchase an oversize diamond-studded Jesus medallion for $350.