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Gotham Comedy Club

208 W. 23rd St. New York, NY 10010 | Flatiron | 212-367-9000

Location Description:

Big names regularly drop in here unannounced to brush up on their skills such as Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, and Dave Chappelle.

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Business Description

Gotham Comedy Club opened it's new 10,000 square foot flagship location providing New York with live performances from today's elite comedians, and since its inception has appealed to the city's distinguished tastes. Located on 23rd St., in a 1929 building next door to the historic Chelsea Hotel, the new Gotham Comedy Club draws upon the charm and ambiance of the 1920s to capture the spirit of an upscale theater environment. Inspired by the famous nightclubs of that era, Mazzilli used the period's Art Deco movement as his starting point in the design of the $2.5 million space. The interior showroom walls are painted in a warm red tone while the hallway walls are the signature Gotham Yellow. Patrons feel as though they have been carried back in time as they enter the club, reminiscent as it is of the golden era of live theater entertainment. The entry walls also feature famed shutterbug Dan Dion's photographs of some of the comedy world's most recognizable faces.