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Grand Sichuan House

8701 Fifth Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11209 | Bay Ridge | 718-680-8887

Location Description:

We were skeptical when a friend raved about an amazing Sichuan restaurant in Bay Ridge, of all places. But now we're converts: Showered with Sichuan peppercorns, the food is just as hot and pungent as anything in Flushing. We loved the wontons laked in red oil, the cumin-dusted julienne of lamb topped with sesame seeds, the cooling and carefully pared cukes in garlic sauce, and the nuggets of dark-meat chicken interspersed with swarms of dried red chiles that, the waitress hastened to inform us, were not intended to be eaten ("Chong Qing spicy chicken," from the Sichuan city of the same name). Can such a great Sichuan restaurant flourish in an unexpected location?

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