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Green-Wood Cemetery

500 25th St. Brooklyn, NY 11232 | Brooklyn | 718-768-7300

Location Description:

Ambling down the street to Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery, a city unto itself, a black-outfitted goth chick crossed my path. Through the ornate, three-spired entranceaanother gothic thresholdathe yard's surface rolls and turns, and worn roads climb and switchback. Follow a footpath, like Sweet Gum: Pass tombstones and crypts belonging to White, Welch, Kelly, Keller, Ludlam, Boocock. Like seeing local history reflected in a shattered mirror, one glance signifies bad luck (children passed before their parents), another determined defiance of loss (the perfect dedication "PAPA"). Like any celebrated burial site, there's life surrounding the granite and grassaregular walking tours, a new addition to the Hillside Mausoleum, capped with a pyramid. Denial, as we know, ain't just a river in Egypt. Summer hours: Daily 7am-7pm Otherwise: 8am-5pm

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