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Happy Star Bakery

160 E. Broadway New York, NY 10002 | East Village | 212-608-8899

Location Description:

A little off the beaten path of Chinatown, Happy Star Bakery (formerly known as Sun Light Bakery Corp.) is a strange amalgamation of things: traditional Chinese bakery, dim sum house, and fresh noodle spot. While the baked goods are fine (and their partner shop, right next door, has more of a selection), the main draw is the fresh noodles. The noodles are made to order: the batter is strung onto a shelf in a steam cabinet and topped with whatever fixings you like (scallions, cilantro, pork, shrimp, beef stew, or egg) and shut in the cabinet for a few minutes, left to cook until perfectly gooey and chewy. Service here is typical of most small Chinatown places, and this is cash only. Pork buns are also on offer but seem to sell out quickly. But that's probably because most everything costs less than two bucks. --Shane Barnes

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