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Irondale Center

85 S. Oxford St. Brooklyn, NY 11217 | Fort Greene |
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Business Description

The Irondale Center for Theater, Education, and Outreach is a unique space that will be more than a theater. It will be a permanent laboratory to develop Irondale’s unique artistic and educational methods that can be replicated nationally and internationally. The special attributes of the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church’s former Sunday school room will help make that possible -- a grand room spanning 5,400 square feet on the ground, with 28-foot ceilings, a 1,900-square-foot mezzanine/gallery, gothic-style wall paintings and stained glass windows. Irondale’s plan is to retain the original scale, character and details of this distinctive space. The Center will include a flexible, 200-seat performance space and much-needed offices for Irondale. The new Irondale Center will provide the company with an opportunity to grow Irondale's theater and community programming, and will include: