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Jones Wood Foundry

401 E. 76th St. New York, NY 10075 | East 80s | 212-249-2700

Location Description:

The premises were indeed once a hardware store and foundry, dating to the 19th century. The single-plate meals at Jones Wood Foundry make the best values, including a roast chicken with mashed potatoes, the sausages called bangers with more mashed potatoes, and a fine burger with fries, served on a wood block with a little Union Jack waving atop. So what's the gastropub part? Well, there's a tapas menu with admirable versions of Brit culinary commonplaces such as kedgeree, boiled eggs and soldiers (little strips of toast), Scotch egg, and smoked mackerel pate. In addition, there is some high-end stuff on the regular menu, which you should probably skip in favor of one of the full-meal pies (steak and kidney is our favorite).

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  • Cuisine(s): Bar Food, British, English, Gastro Pub
  • Hours: Daily 11am-4pm, Sun 5:30pm-10:30pm, Mon-Sat 6pm-11pm
  • Price: $$$
  • Serving: Brunch, Dinner
  • Alcohol: Beer/Wine
  • Reservations: Accepted
  • Parking: Street
  • Payment Types: All Major Credit Cards
  • Features: Patio/Sidewalk Dining

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