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Live At Don Hills

511 Greenwich St. New York, NY 10013 | Chelsea | 212-219-2850

Location Description:

Now under the ownership of Paul Sevigny and nightlife guru Nur Khan, the newly not-so-renovated Don Hill's attempts to revive the venue's scenester grittiness of yore. The interior of this legendary rock 'n' roll bar is still stacked with porn-y photography, penis-themed graffiti, and scribbled cuss words aplenty: crucial artifacts left untouched during the renovations. The events lineup now comprises indie-rocking evenings alongside some of those bouncer-barricaded, people-your-read-about-on-TMZ parties. The main innovation, though, is improved bathroom facilities for both sexes. As Mr. Sevigny says, it's for a good cause: "We want people to get laid in the bathroom," he one explained.