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Metro Cafe

4924 Eighth Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11220 | Brooklyn | 718-437-7980

Location Description:

Despite minimal ambiance and a name that’s off-puttingly bland, Metro Cafe in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park serves up some spicy Sichuan food. Highlights include traditional dishes such as cold offal (everything from pig ear to tripe and ox tongue) with thick red hot sauce, twice-cooked pork with leeks and green chilies, and Chong Qing Chicken (dry chicken with three kinds of pepper). For spice-shy eaters, there are delicious but non-traditional Japanese grilled meat skewers, rice balls, and other snacks, including a T-Bone steak, along with more familiar Canotonese-style stir fries. Even those with the mildest palates are likely to be won over by the restaurant’s BYOB policy, and by its friendly and attentive servers--but diners should make sure to request spicy food and attempt multiple visits, if they want a real taste of mala, the spicy and tingly combination of peppercorns and chilies that defines Sichuan cuisine. --Diana Clarke

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