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New York Aquarium

Surf Ave. & W. 8th St. Brooklyn, NY 11224 | Coney Island | 718-265-FISH

Location Description:

The New York Aquarium is just about the only thing open on Coney Island during the winter (actually it's open 365 days a year). With a typical array of sharks, rays, otters, whales and other fish, the aquarium t is the only one in the city and has a long history (it used to be in Battery Park in 1896). Not only that, it still manages to properly evoke old-time Coney Island while remaining modern, which is a feat. Hours: May 27-Sept 4 Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat & Sun 10am-7pm All others: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat & Sun 10am-5:30pm

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