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NYU, Kimmel Performance Center

60 Washington Square S. New York, NY 10012 | Noho | 212-998-4900

Location Description:

Located in the same building as the NYU Kimmel Center for Student Life, the performance center is a professionally-operated venue, hosting theater, dance, and concert events. The 420-seat auditorium is Broadway-size and quality, despite its location on a placid side street just off Washington Square Park. While especially convenient for students, the theater is marketed to the general public. For select shows it will offer fare catered from the University's not-half-bad dining hall, but there are too many charming, reasonably-priced bistros and cafes in that stretch of Greenwich Village between Bleecker Street and Washington Square for that to even be a viable option.

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Joined by the adjacent Global Center for Academic & Spiritual Life, the Helen & Martin Kimmel Center is the nexus of New York University’s campus activity for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, departments, and alumni.