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15 E. 4th St. New York, NY 10003 | East Village | 212-477-8150

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You're not likely to find a Shania Twain CD at Other Music; the small and discriminating shop specializes in everything indie, arty, and experimental. Albums are divided into creative categories: In (indie rock, basically); Out (avant-garde composers); Electronica (ambient, glitch, techno, underground hip-hop, and an expertly curated selection of German microhouse); L Decadansea (French pop, Moog-flavored loungey sophistication); Krautrock (blissed out, spacey drones); Groove (soul, reggae, dub reissues); Psychedelia (especially strong in the latest weirdness from Japan); and aThena (old stuff). The staff might seem aloof at first, but ask a question and you're likely to receive an excited ten-minute-long reply peppered with lots of aHave you heard this

?a If you feel smothered by all the hipnessaSonic Youth has been known to shop here, among other downtown luminariesajust remember: Everyone here is a total nerd. Just like you!

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