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Pak Punjab Deli and Grocery

40 E. Third St. New York, NY 10003 | East Village | 212-614-0107

Location Description:

It looks like a drab convenience store, but inside, there';s a counter selling homemade Pakistani-Punjabi food, and a few stools on which to perch. This is serious, down-home fare: meaty kabobs, fried snacks and spiced, gravy-heavy curries. Chicken chapali ; a spiced, ground meat patty;is delicious, patted out so that it;s thin and floppy, and then browned on a griddle. The patty is intensely garlicky and tender; cabbies come in and get it wrapped in bread for a sandwich. The chicken tikka kabobs are also good, as is the masala-fried fish, coated in a breading stained orange with spice. Skip the fried goods, as they're heated in a microwave, which deprives them of crunch. It's not the best Punjabi in the city, but the friendly vibe and low prices are hard to beat. Plus, it's 24-hours.


  • Cuisine(s): Deli, Grocery, Indian, Pakistani
  • Hours: 24/7
  • Price: $
  • Serving: Dinner, Late Night, Lunch, Snack Food
  • Alcohol: None
  • Reservations: Not Accepted
  • Parking: No Parking
  • Payment Types: cash
  • Features: Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible