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Pier 25

N. Moore & W. Side Highway New York, NY 10013 | Tribeca | 212-766-1104

Location Description:

Kids taking a break from a mini-golf game run to the snack bar for some ice cream. The picnic tables lining the pier are filled with lounging business people on a lunch break. "Cheeseburger!" the cook shouts from the grill, and as you squirt on the ketchup you feel like you are in the backyard you can't afford to have. Pier 25 hosts everything from "Shakes-pier" to competitive volleyball. The nonprofit Manhattan Youth organizes art programs for kids on the pier, which explains the interesting abstract sculptures you see made from wood extracted from the Hudson River. Whether you come to Pier 25 for fishing, salsa dancing, or an '80s movie, the cheap barbecue and friendly small-town feel will satisfy your need for a summer getaway.

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