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Project 159

159 7th Ave. S. New York, NY 10014 | West Village | 212-929-4959

Location Description:

Either youare an extremely dedicated follower of fashion and have been scouring the city for labels like Buddhist Punk, Earnest Sewn, Clarendon, Yumi Kim, Cuffz, and C. Label, or youave never heard of any of them. Either way, if youare a girl with any style, you will drool over something at this new West Village boutique. Owner Kim Phan has curated a pleasingly hip but versatile showroom. The persona that emerges from the racks is girly, likes to dance, and drinks mojitos, or perhaps is edgy, likes to curse, and drinks whiskey. Either way, sheas hot. In addition to up-and-coming local and London-imported designers, Phan has mostly vintage shoes (all $45) and boots (all $85).