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Project Parlor

742 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205-3926 | Brooklyn | 347-497-0550

Location Description:

Project Parlor has come to be a go-to spot of many fans of dive bars. In addition to the expansive menu of cocktails, their seasonal items can be entertaining, whether it be their winter ciders, springtime punch, or summer floats. Plus, the joint's hearty backyard in the middle of Bed-Stuy is an enclave of greenery and home to late night parties in the summertime. The inside is draped with romanticism with chandeliers, boudoir couches, and pianos slightly offset by the constant soundtrack of classic hip-hop. The homely bar stacks its own library behind the bar full of books and magazines, attracting a comfortable, quiet crowd. The attractive happy hour prices and quality of beers on tap make this a commonplace for locals in the hood. --Lori Trigonis

Best of Award Recipient