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102 St Marks Place New York, NY 10009 | East Village | 212-777-6707

Location Description:

Don't ask the bartenders at Proletariat to name their favorite beers on the list, because they'll refuse. There are too many good choices, they'll insist, to single one out. They'd much rather guide you to a rare pour that matches your taste — or perhaps broadens your horizons a bit. And that's how you'll find yourself, perched precariously on a stool in a dark and impossibly narrow space, sipping what promises to be one of the more interesting beers you've had in a while. You'll listen to ale enthusiasts comparing tasting notes (or listing other beer bars worth drinking at in town). And don't miss the bottle list, which often contains a few offerings you'll be hard­pressed to find anywhere else in the city.

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Business Description

Rare, new, and unusual beer. Keep it weird.