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Rosemary's Greenpoint Tavern

188 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211-2904 | Brooklyn | 718-384-9539

Location Description:

Greenpoint Tavern in north Williamsburg has all the trappings of a friendly dive bar. The cozy, low-key interior is great for meeting with friends, grabbing a quick pint, or watching the game. The bartenders look like they've been in the neighborhood for years--but that doesn't make them any less willing to serve you a cold one, which they will... in a styrofoam cup. The decor looks like it's leftover from the 60s (and the beer prices seem leftover as well, so no complaints here). Add a jukebox filled with classic hits and Greenpoint Tavern creates the perfect recipe for a memorable (or not memorable) night. --Gabriel Herrera

Best of Award Recipient