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Rudy Pokes Tasty Dishes

248 Rochester Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11213 | Crown Heights | 718-804-0051

Location Description:

The proprietors of this pleasant café hail from the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, but the menu incorporates recipes from the entire arc of the Leeward Islands and Jamaica, including oxtails, jerk chicken, curry goat, escovitched fish, lasagna, and even hot dogs, though on any given day you'll find only a handful of these dishes available. On a recent afternoon, the stew pork was particularly noteworthy, tender chunks with a little skin adhering, mired in a deep brown sauce. Pastries have colorful names like rock cake, cassava pone, and "cuomo," similar to Trinidadian crummer-little crunchy fingers of ginger-laced dough. Yum!


Best of Award Recipient