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434 Sixth Ave. New York, NY 10011 | West Village | 212-473-4346

Location Description:

A person can get lost for hours in Sabonas mouth-watering displays and smells just like at a gourmet market. If youare going to buy a gift there, which you should (baskets are $24-94), forgive yourself in advanceayou may be leaving with an extra bottle of ginger-orange body gel polisher ($17), or perhaps carrot body lotion ($22). Further intensifying the understandable regressive urge to taste everything is the fact that hand-written labels are spiked through hunks of soap like at a cheese shop. The soaps are a main attraction, staples being glycerine (i.e. lychee, lilac, vanilla-wheat) and olive oil (i.e. rosemary, lemon-mint, mud). But they have also updated the soap-on-a-rope, which is now beautiful enough to wear as a bracelet, and come up with a genius invention: loofah soapaglycerine soaps that are poured into natural loofah.