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187 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11201 | Cobble Hill | 718-624-4550

Location Description:

I highly recommend living near Sahadias. The Middle Eastern grocery store is a landmark, to be sure, but one to be used regularly by New Yorkers, not just bragged about to outsiders. Since 1948, Brooklyn residents have depended on Sahadias to keep their refrigerators stocked with bulk coffee, grains, nuts, olive oil, spices, dried fruit, and candy. Aside from great prices, variety, and high quality, Sahadias stands out for high turnover. So, you may think youare something special because you use dried beans, but if you get them at Sahadias, they will be a lifetime fresher than what you find packaged. In addition, you will find a plethora of prepared foods, olives, packaged ethnic items, and a large cheese selection, including rarely found Near Eastern varieties.

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