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Soho Playhouse

15 Vandam New York, NY 10013 | Soho | 212-691-1555
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    Is the 13th step to create a drama about the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous? Perhaps not, but Stephen Bergman and Janet Surrey have received plaudits for this show about a night in 1935...
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    Ever thought you’d be good at collaborating on a musical? Bring your ideas to the SoHo Playhouse tonight where the acclaimed comedy troupe Baby Wants Candy will take your suggestions...
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    To say that hip-hop has gone through an evolution is like saying that Rakim has occasionally bragged--it doesn't quite capture the enormity. (Hey, if Rev Run had attempted the crooked-wing...

Business Description

Under the new management of Darren Lee Cole and Faith Mulvihill, the newly renovated SoHo Playhouse continues to serve the downtown theater community as an historic 199 seat Off Broadway venue. The Huron Club below is an intimate 55 seat cabaret and bar steeped in the history of Old New York.