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SPiN New York

48 E. 23rd St. New York, NY 10010 | Gramercy Park | 212-982-8802

Location Description:

Ready for this? SPiN is an underground ping-pong club, bar, and restaurant. Everything in it qualifies as "sweet." For example: The entrance is flanked with four huge murals, one of which depicts a paddle-wielding geezer wearing leopard pants; the room itself is 13,000 square feet with 16 tables; and Ducks, the self-explanatory in-house restaurant, is foodie-approved. Patrons are as varied as any scrum you'd encounter on the streets of NYC, but spry twentysomethings tend to dominate; as a bonus, coming here is the closest you'll get to drinking a Brooklyn Lager in the subway, as the place's only window peers out onto the downtown side of the 23rd Street 6 train. Sweet.

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