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St. Mark's Ale House

2 St. Marks Place New York, NY 10003 | East Village | 212-260-9762

Location Description:

Conveniently located at the crossroads of the East Village, this beer bar features food that's a couple notches above the usual pub grub. Sandwiches are refreshingly sided with skin-on red potato salad instead of fries, and there are unexpected snacks like a smoked whitefish appetizer on lavash, French onion soup, and lots of salads. Bargain-priced as low as $3 per pint, there's a choice of 24 beers on tap, of which Brooklyn I.P.A., Stoudts Fest, and Anchor Steam Wheat are highly recommended. Lunch specials are sometimes an absurdly good deal: On a recent weekday you could get a pint and a half-pound Black Angus burger for $5.