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St. Mark's Comics

11 St. Marks Place New York, NY 10003 | East Village | 212-598-9439

Location Description:

Jim Hanley's Universe has a bigger selection of new stuff, Cosmic Comics is more new-reader-friendly, and nobody's ever matched the long-gone Second Avenue Comics' pain-and-pleasure mix of vicious contempt for customers and flabbergasting bargains. A great comics store should have a certain air of mystery about it, though, and St. Mark's Comics is positively otherworldly. Where does velvet-gloved, iron-fisted manager Mitch find the steady stream of punkette clerks, almost none of whom actually read comics? How does the back room manage to jam every back issue ever into boxes too stuffed to flip through? What's the organizing principle behind the near-random but comprehensive wall of graphic novels? Who's got the disposable income for a life-size replica of Green Lantern's power battery?