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Sultana - Closed

60 N. 4th St. Brooklyn, NY 11211 | Brooklyn | 718-218-8547

Location Description:

Coco, a retired, legendary butch go-go dancer who co-owns this lesbian hookah bar, treated patrons like familia. She worked the room like the Energizer bunny, doling out her potentaand damn goodamojitos ($9), mingling, and setting up the belly dancer for a bachelor-party crew seated on leather floor cushions under a makeshift Bedouin tent with rich red and gold fabrics draped over tall tree limbs. Her Egyptian business partner, Aymanaa former homeland- security officer clearly comfy in the harem- esque surroundingsawalked around and chatted with the ladies as he puffed on his own personal hookah, which he dragged behind him most of the night. Around two o'clock, Sage, the resident belly dancer, put the moves on the red-faced bachelor, who began excitedly throwing all his money at her. When she dropped to the floor for a split while balancing a sword on her head, the Benjamins flew from everywhere.