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Sycamore Bar

1118 Cortelyou Road Brooklyn, NY 11218 | Ditmas Park | 347-240-5850

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This Ditmas Park space has been hosting cozy shows for the better part of three years now, offering up its affectionately named "Whiskey Cellar" performance area to a number of genres on a nightly basis. When the bar functions as a flower shop during the day, one could easily expect the common pigeonhole of "kitsch," which gets thrown around a lot here--there’s even a “beer and flowers” option on the menu ($10). Given the at-times raucous vibe of the bourbon bar upstairs, seeing a show in the basement of Sycamore might seem like a risky idea. But none of the noise filters down and the intimate vibe feels more like those good old days in college, as the programming varies from improvisational jazz to folksy blues. The tiny little room and performers rarely even need microphones or amps to get their tunes across. And the standing cover of $10 ain't too bad, either. --Dale Eisinger

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