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The Brick

579 Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211 | Brooklyn | 718-907-3457
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  • Voice Choices:
    It’s the age of mash-ups: Characters from Frozen dance to “Thriller” on YouTube, and grafting Star Wars onto Dr. Who has become a cottage industry. But the all-time champ...
  • Theater:
    BIFF! BANG! I'm not the only guy raised on a diet of Marvel and Action comics. But maybe I'm the only New Yorker who thinks it's an awesome idea to make live shows based on serial strips and...
  • Voice Choices:
    Robert Honeywell’s new musical at The Brick just might give you a sympathetic earache. This new tuner, performed exclusively by women and set in present and future New York, Vancouver,...
  • Voice Choices:
    Off-Off-Broadway theater likes to goose its spectators--with flirtation, with provocation, and sometimes, with an Goose, here played by Talking Band grande dame Tina Shepard. Director...

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Brooklyn’s destination for cutting-edge theatrical experience.