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The Flying Puck Bar & Grill

364 7th Ave. New York, NY 10001 | Chelsea | 212-736-5353

Location Description:

The Flying Puck is a New York Rangers shrine. Stained-glass murals looming above depict the team's 1994 Stanley Cup victory in one scene and a deified Henrik Lundqvist in another. And of course, even when the Rangers themselves aren't competing, there's always a hockey game playing on one of the bar's seven massive TVs. Beer choice is standard game-day fare--Bass, Guinness, and Bud--but the room is surprisingly regal with deep mahogany fixtures, carved columns, paneled ceilings, and ornate Old World tiles. All amenities befitting of #11, a Ranger fan's messiah. You'll find a painted portrait of him in here, too.

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