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The Morrell Wine Bar & Cafe

1 Rockefeller Plaza New York, NY 10020-2003 | West 40s | 212-262-7700

Location Description:

Sometimes a great wine bar is just a great wine bar, and that's what Morrell Wine Bar & Cafe is. There's food, sure, and you can get a salad or sandwich or maybe a steak if you're feeling carnivorous, but the worth of the place rests in a wine list that boasts over 1,000 different bottles of the best quality stuff. The list is exhaustive to the point of fussiness, and there are bottles (and glasses) at all price points. Servers are typically knowledgeable, and perhaps the best thing about the place is that the Midtown West location is just next to the Morrell Wine retail store, where most of the wines on the bar's menu are available to purchase and take home, where you can imbibe in comfort rather than in the overtly trendy atmosphere of the bar itself, though the outdoor seating makes it a pretty solid summer destination. --Shane Barnes


Best of Award Recipient