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The Standard Hotel

848 Washington St. New York, NY 10014 | West Village | 212-645-4646

Location Description:

The Standard Hotel has become a monument of the young peoples' New York City. Located in an iconic spot right along the High Line in the meatpacking district, it is a tower of windows that lends itself to great views for both the visitors in the hotel and the tourists traipsing around on the High Line--so much so that trying to spot sexy times in the Standard's pricey rooms has become a popular spectator sport on lazy Sundays and late nights. The place isn’t entirely aesthetic though, and the staff is trained well in the art of serving. Food service is posh (and pricey), too, and the burger has been especially praised. There's an affiliated restaurant below and a few laughably exclusive clubs on the top floors of the hotel, but all of the highfalutin fanciness is well worth the actual five-star experience of staying in one of the most iconic hotels in a city full of icon-status worthy hotels. --Shane Barnes

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