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Triskelion Arts

118 N. 11th St. Brooklyn, NY 11211 | Brooklyn | 718-599-3577

Business Description

The founders of Triskelion Arts, KICK STAND DANCE (a.k.a., Cary Baker, Abby Bender, Layla Childs, Anna Luckey, and Sonya Robbins) met in the dance department at Bard College over sixteen years ago. In 1997 they reconvened, establishing themselves as a dance collective in New York City. KICK STAND DANCE opened the doors to Triskelion Arts in October of 2000, which soon became company quarters and an affordable rehearsal and performance space for hundreds of other working artists from Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. In late 2002, the organization received its 501(c)3 not-for-profit status. By sharing the roles of choreographer, dancer and administrator, each artist was provided with equal creative license and the opportunity to develop essential management skills. From 1997-2004, KSD enjoyed immeasurable growth as a dance collective. The company‚Äôs journey was filled with hard work, patience, and indescribable fun. However, all good things give way to new good things and as such, the KSD Collective amicably parted ways in fall of 2005. Sonya Robbins & Layla Childs continue making and performing dance in NY and beyond as the collaborative partnership robbinschilds. Botanical studies, sculpture and an upstate fixer-upper beckon Cary Baker. Anna Luckey explores other islands of the world. Abby Bender continues to cook up colossal group works known as ‚ÄúSchmantze Theatre‚ÄĚ while running Triskelion full-time and expanding its services. Triskelion‚Äôs Assistant Director and Technical Guru is her cousin and partner in crime, Andrew Dickerson, whose circus, Cirque This!, continues its residency at the studios.