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Whiskey River - Closed

575 2nd Ave. New York, NY 10016 | Murray Hill | 212-679-6799

Location Description:

If you've ever read the children's book Bamboozled, Whiskey River is something like that, but with alcohol. Walk inside and look up--a veritable pond, geese and all, is plastered to the ceiling, truly a sight to behold while standing next to your beer-pong partner and Wii Sports nemesis (yes, they really do have a Wii). The website lists "The Party Guy" as a feature, too, but that might apply to anybody in the room. Fortunately, Whiskey River's brand of party guy isn't there to do body shots and keg stands; things aren't quite that wild at this swamp-themed shanty of collegiate mirth, but you might get your ass kicked playing Wii.