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Whole Foods Market

10 Columbus Circle New York, NY 10019 | West 50s | 212-823-9600

Location Description:

Occasionally referred to as aWhole Paychecka by struggling blurb writers, this yuppie organic shopping revolution can be a real bummer. That said, itas incredibly convenient, isnat it? Whole Foods has a good variety of fruits and vegetables, many items available from local growers, organic or aconventional." The meat and cheese sections are well-rounded, even boasting a dry aging chamber for steaks. The fish counter is salmon heavy and less varied. The grocery isles are good for organic products like cereal and juice, while perhaps overreaching in other areas. (They carry over 20 types of extra virgin olive oil but no plain or virgin olive oil.) There is also a large salad bar, bakery, and coffee section. Itas not one-stop shopping for the frugal, but a great option for the main players in your dinner. Other locations: 4 Union Square South, 212 673-5388 250 7th Ave, 212-924-5969