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Zachary's Smile

9 Greenwich Ave. New York, NY 10014 | Greenwich Village | 212-924-0604

Location Description:

Gucci suitcases line the upper shelves and Pucci dresses reside behind the counter, but don't worry, closer at hand are less rarefied garments. When we ask Erin, the proprietress, about the stuff in the window, she says, "It's actually our own line, called Zachary's Smile Originals." She shows us the camisole up close, and, as it turns out, the sash has been newly attached to the bottom of a vintage top ($65). This isn't the only Zachary Original made by artfully de- and re-constructing a thrift-shop find: Old souvenir T-shirts have been enlivened with little sleeves made from scarves; other tees have childish flower appliquA(c)s. All of them look like you could just make them yourself at home, but then again, maybe you couldn't. (How many T-shirts have we ruined aiming for just the right raggedy hem and proto-Flashdance neckline?)