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Just a quick note to let you know I really enjoyed your article on submissiveness and bondage [The Beat Goes on, News, Aug. 26]. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people that are interested as well. My friends and I have a share house in the Hamptons and we had a titillating discussion over this. Most people fantasize about this sort of sexual activity but are too shy to come forward about it. Maybe you could do a follow-up story about this and let the readers know where and how much they can expect to spend on living out their fantasy.

Thanks for the intriguing group therapy! Nothing wrong with a little hanky spanky!


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Yes, you are

I read Beth Greenfield's article [File this Fetish, Clicks, Aug. 26] regarding women with long nails. I have been so fascinated by them since I was 7 years old. I am 25 now and recently married a lovely lady with long, natural nails. Great article Greenfield wrote. I must not be the only person with this interest on Long Island.


The taxing machine

Ward Harkavy had some great articles about Nassau County's budget woes, the need for fiscal oversight and countywide property reassessment.

What people have to realize is that any reassessment will be done on a revenue-neutral basis. This would result in no more or no less revenue generated for the county than before.

Those who end up paying more after a countywide reassessment would merely be seeing an end to having their property taxes subsidized by everyone else. Those who end up paying less after a countywide reassessment would be seeing an end to their subsidizing everyone else. In each case, equity is achieved.

So why does Mr. Gulotta continue to use scare tactics to try to make everyone think that their property taxes will increase? Why has Assessor Charles O'Shea excluded people who are more directly involved with the current system and are more knowledgeable with its flaws, including those victimized by the current system?

There are many things happening now which make the reassessment of Nassau County's properties to market value a must. First, we have the STAR program, which will soften the blow for at least some of those property owners who would face increases under reassessment. Second, we have the federal lawsuit against Nassau County and its discriminatory method of assessment. Third, the cost of borrowing year after year to pay off successful challenges to overassessments is an unsound and expensive fiscal practice compared to reassessment. Fourth, the real estate market is recovering from its early '90s slump, increasing the market-value gap between the wealthy and poorer neighborhoods.

Do those folks in Mineola have the guts to do the right thing and stop using the current unfair method of assessing property values? Or will Mr. Gulotta waste thousands of taxpayer dollars to fight the lawsuit so he can perpetuate an unfair and discriminatory system— a system that continues to cost the county millions of dollars in interest when the county loses assessment appeals year after year— just to make the claim that he kept the rather small general fund portion of the county property tax frozen for another year?

I wrote Mr. O'Shea last year about this issue and received no response. I also wrote Mr. Gulotta, who gave me his usual scare-tactics speech about how "everyone's taxes could rise." These are my elected leaders at work? Mr. O'Shea should be spending his time planning how to do a countywide reassessment instead of wasting it on a commission. Mr. Gulotta should forget about fighting the federal lawsuit and save us taxpayers the legal bills, which will inevitably go to his politically-connected cronies. Stop the stalling and let's get on with it, now!

I was also glad to see Harkavy mention one additional level of fiscal oversight: the voters.

We can't vote out Mr. Gulotta until 2001, but we can take away his majority in the legislature this November and bring a more responsible two-party system into play in Mineola.

Dave Gould

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