Regarding File this Fetish [Clicks, Aug. 26]: Although it may be a part of human nature to take the most interesting or eyebrow-raising aspect of a broader idea and run with that to have a more interesting story to tell, it also tends to make one appear myopic.

On the other hand, I do think big hair and the stereotype of the Long Island girl are pretty funny. However, within that stereotype, the overdone nails are usually acrylics (i.e. fake).

What you failed to capture in your article (in my opinion) is that there is this small community of men out there who really love to see a woman who takes care of her nails and hands. It makes her more feminine in their eyes, and by no means does it make her seem powerless, powerful or prone to leading an inactive, unenlightened lifestyle.

Take for example my page, members.theglobe.com/luna31570. I'm just someone who really loves doing her own nails. It makes me feel more refined, and since they are natural, I don't feel tacky. If I can find an audience for something I spend extra time on, I will let them know about me and my page. That's about all there is to that story.

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No, scratch my back

Thanks for the article on our "fetish" [File this Fetish, Clicks, Aug. 26]. It isn't all scratching and blood-drawing, though. Most of the men prefer gentle stroking and caressing with the nails, or even just being able to feel them, touch them, even lick them.

As Ed pointed out, it's not just the length, but the shapes, colors and so on that attract the men. And it seems each has his own personal favorite but loves all nails in general. My fianc�e can be just as attracted to nails only 1/4 inch as ones that are 3 inches, if they are done attractively.

Maybe sometime you can stop into Ed's chat...and get to "meet" some of us! Here's a link to our pages: members.aol.com/Nailme10/NailMe10.html. Hope you enjoy!

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Getting emotional

I saw Last Days of Autumn [Don't Hate Me 'Cause I'm Emo, Music, Sept. 2] in Elkhart, Ind., and I just have to say that those guys are the rockiness!!!!

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Cogent analysis

Regarding Porn Island: An Oral History [Cover story, Aug. 26]: The exploitation of women and sex has been utilized primarily by men's magazines; however, as a result of women's liberation and emancipation, women have adopted similar marketing ploys to captivate readership and induce sales.

A men's magazine, such as Playboy, exemplifies the maximum exploitation of women in the usage of photographs of the unclothed woman in suggestive sexual overtures to sell the magazine, thus contributing to the male stance of superiority as the male reader views the inferior demoralizing exhibition of the unclothed female.

Women's magazines demonstrating similar marketing strategy to the men in their attempt to promote and generate sales is evidence that women are now equal to the men in their behavior as "one of the boys," feeling they are feminist and liberal if they conduct themselves as lewd, shallow and derogatory as the men. Women's magazines are now equal to the men's agenda, compromising principles, exploiting womanhood and reducing standards to gain financial awards and profits. Women should know better.

The origin of the evolution of women's pursuits for rights was equality to the man-- women are now equal to men. In retrospect, I question what women gained.

Also, in my opinion, the depiction of Hugh Hefner's career does not constitute a career to be commended, nor should he be personified as greatness. On the contrary, due to the exposure of the unclothed women, which Mr. Hefner has maximized in his career, he exploits womanhood and contributes to the male stance of superiority as the male view the inferior demoralizing exhibition of the unclothed female.

To address his self-analogy and praise of his literary traits and accomplishments, I suggest he eliminate the unclothed photographs and sexual editorials in his magazines and tally the amount of magazines sold. He has utilized women to enhance his professional career and shield his limited talent to obtain his success without attributing women for the essence of his financial profits.

Mrs. Susan Davniero

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